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A Day Squirrel Hunting

More May Not Be Better

    Finally enough leaves have fallen off the trees to spend a peaceful morning in the woods.  A nice crisp morning, that’s not too windy, to take advantage of a quick squirrel hunt.

  Not only did it allow me to get a quick lunch but also do some pre-deer season scouting.  I’ll be blogging about deer a little later but for today I’ll just give a quick tip or 2 on squirrel.

  In the woods near by, the trees stand tall and in certain areas create a thick canopy, so my tool of choice is my 12 gauge shotgun.  As for the ammo I use, shot size is critical due to the fact that you either come home with a decent meal or game that is tore up and takes up a lot of your time removing shot.  Some may use the term buckshot, which is still a shot shell but with bigger pellets.

Shot Size Matters

    Now with shot shells, the smaller the number the bigger the shot.  For example, 4 shot is larger than 8 shot.  For most small game 4 to 6 shot is a well rounded shot size.  There are less BBs in each shell but they will carry more energy longer.  For close shots, I recommend aiming for the head so the rest of the body is mostly untouched and not tore up. I use the Winchester Super X-Game Load Shotshells and the Winchester Super-X High Brass Game Loads Shotshells.

    After you leave the woods with your quarry and finish skinning, I always soak my game in salt water.  This helps to draw out the remaining blood and helps eliminate some of the gamey taste.  After all these years, I have always quartered my game with a knife but this time I went with using kitchen shears.

    Wished I would have thought about using them years ago.  Easy to use, clean cuts and virtually no mess.  Amazing!  Now just boil to debone or roll in batter and pan fry and enjoy.

Hope this helps.  Until next time, happy hunting.

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