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A Different Bait Choice

Not As Many Around

    I’m not sure how it is in your area but around here there doesn’t seem to be as many bait shops around as once was.  It seems like the days of a bait shop that’s open all year round is something of yesteryear.

    Sure, locally carryouts and gas stations have a small cooler of worms, which is fine for night crawlers and red worms and believe me I’m very thankful for that.  However the downside, they put all the live bait including wax worms in the same cooler.

    Waxies are soft little white worms that are about twice the size of maggots and are great for panfish.  So the problem is  they don’t like the cold and doesn’t last long being refrigerated.  Waxies are best stored at room temperature.  If you see any and want to try them, look at them carefully.  For me, once they start turning black, the fish just don’t want them.

A Great Substitute

    To combat this problem, I usually have a pack of Berkley Gulp waxies in my tackle bag.  Trust me, I’m all about live bait and will always opt for it over fake but sometimes good live bait is just not available.  These little guys are really unbelievable and are almost just as good.

    Berkley has a full line of artificial baits and although I haven’t tried them all yet, I won’t think twice about testing them out.  I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes when I do.

More Quality Time

    Another reason I keep waxies on hand is for when my nieces and I go fishing.  They are fantastic for kids who get too excited or not sure what to do when they get a hit on their line.  The Berkleys can take multiple hits, where as live bait are gone after a hit or two.  This allows the both of you to spend more time fishing and less time re-baiting their hooks.

Until next time, here’s to tight lines.

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