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A Good and Durable Knife

Each Model Has Its Pros and Cons

    I love knives.  There is no denying it or any use to fight it.  Each model has its pros and cons and serves a purpose.  Of course there are some types that are a staple like a fillet or a good skinning knife.  But for me, when it comes to the everyday carrying knives, I like options and believe you can not have enough.

    For awhile I’ve been having an itch for a new folding knife that I can carry for work.  With the ever changing  rules and regulations in the workplace, it’s becoming more difficult to carry a tool that’s comfortable to wear and yet still suits your needs at work without being questioned by the company if you’re being compliant.

    In high school I was introduced to cold steel.  Fast forward to today, I now have numerous types.  The Recon was my go to model for years.  I carried it everyday to work for over a decade and it still one of my favorites.  However with changing times, it was drawing unwanted attention.  Even though it was completely compliant for work.  The appearance must have been a different story.  As always follow the rules and regulations of the company, local and state laws!

    It yields a 4″ black coated blade while wearing a G10 scales, practically indestructible but turning impracticable for work.  So after keeping an eye out, I came across the Bush Ranger Lite.  A 3 1/2″ silver blade with olive green scales.  A definite change in appearance.

The Bush Ranger Lite

Shorter, Lighter and Compact

    A little shorter, lighter and compact but after using the “heft” of the Recon, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it.  Here we are 6 months later and it’s still sharp and going strong.  Overall the function and smoothness has earned a permanent place, at least for now, in my pocket as my work knife.

    As a side note, my Recon is the original model which they changed the lock to a stronger Triad lock.  It is a spear point with a 50/50 serration.  More reviews on the Bush Ranger Lite….

Until next time.

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