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A Reel Drag

A Crucial Function of Fishing?

    Not quite sure why or how it has happened, but the subject of drag has come up numerous times lately with co-workers and friends.  It was very interesting in hearing the different ideas and beliefs on such a crucial function of fishing.

    With proper drag, it is possible to bring in a trophy on light weight gear.  For example, I have landed a 35″ musky on a medium action rod with only 10 pound test while bass fishing.  That was very fun and exciting to say the least.  Another example was seeing first hand a 30 pound flathead being landed on a 10 pound Yozuri.

An "Old" Method That Still Works Today

    A gentleman who had been fishing for many more years than myself, told me years ago his method and it has worked flawlessly for many years.

    After hearing the different thoughts and methods out there, I feel it necessary to pass on my method.

    Once you have strung your reel and threaded your rod, this is the perfect moment to set the drag.  Let out a couple feet of line, as if it was already rigged and hold your rod as you would while fishing.  Grab hold to the end of the line and pull, while adjusting your drag.

Setting The Drag

    Doing it this way, you’re setting your drag in a real world situation.  Everything is in play and all factors (the rod, reel and line) are being worked.  Some people just pull the line directly out of the reel feeling the drag and not giving the rod a chance to do its thing. 

    Give it a try sometime and leave me a comment if it worked for you.

    As always, good luck and tight lines.

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