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Baitcasters (part II)

Trial and Error

    Welcome back.  This blog continues to look at baitcasters and what might be the best one for you.

    Baitcasters are a little tricky to the the hang of, but once you do they’re a true workhorse.  Just about every manufacturer offers baitcasters but like a lot of things some are great and some leave much to desire.  I recommend doing some research and find the one with the qualities and specifications meet your needs.  Once you find what those are you’ll be equipped with a fine tool.

    I have tried and experimented with a few over the years and I hope this will help eliminates some frustrations and concerns for you.

The Abu Garcia Catfish Commando

The Abu Garcia Collection

    Abu Garcia is by far my favorite and what I have the most of in my arsenal.  On the low end, I’m very pleased with the Ambassadeur S and the Catfish Commando which are very similar.  They are fine for the price point and will serve you well.  I also like the 6500 series because they have the bait clicker, which for me as a catfish guy is a must.  It does lack a few things like an instant anti-reverse, a thumb bar (personal preference for ease of casting) and it has plastic gears rather than metal (another personal preference for myself).

    A little higher up the line is the 4601 C3.  The “01” designates left handed.  A nice small compact reel that is great for smaller fish and comes with a thumb bar but does not include the clicker.

    The 6601 C4 has a higher gear ratio and one more bearing than the C3 models and the thumb bar is a standard with all models.  I have mine strung with 65# braid and is my favorite musky reel and are still capable of being used for flatheads.

    My true work horses of baitcasters are the 7000 C3 and the 7000 ICS Pro Rocket.  It has low gear ratio, huge line capacity, metal gears, instant anti-reverse and bait clicker.  Everything I look for in a baitcaster.  My personal best flathead which measured 45.75 inches and weighed in at 47 pounds was no match for the 7000 ICS.  It was strong enough to wear it down, plenty of line to let it run and a power handle for me to keep a good grip as well as leverage to winch it in.

   Hope these suggestions and recommendations are helpful.  As always if you have any questions please  leave them in the comment section and I will be happy to answer them.

    Good luck and tight lines.

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