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Bobbers and/or Floats

An Important Piece of Equipment

    Floats or bobbers are at times a staple piece of equipment.  As with almost all equipment, they come in various shapes, sizes and colors and hopefully the choices are not overwhelming.


    I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind when a bobber is mentioned is the red and white round bobber.  Although they work fine and I do have used a few, they are not my first choice for most situations.

   For bait fishing I usually use weighted torpedo floats with an eagle claw #10 cricket hood and no sinker.  With this setup I have caught fish as small as 2 inch shiner to all the way up to a nice sized bluegill.  This rig is somewhat finesse fishing and it’s a must to pay attention to what your float is doing.

The Most Common Red and White Round Bobber

The Pencil Type Bobber

    A step up is the pencil or stick bobber.  They come weighted or not and slip style or fixed.  Slip bobbers need a bobber stop which makes fishing deep much easier for casting.

    For example you’re fishing for crappies and they are in a submerged tree of 10 feet plus deep,  It will be difficult to make a cast or land your catch with that much line below a “fixed” float.  Instead your stop will just go through the eyes and reel in your spool not causing any bad side effects.  This method you will be capable of setting any desired length.

Adjustable Floats For Desired Depth

   Since I’m not usually needing a float at the depth I prefer, the stick bobbers with a spring are a good investment.  All you need to do is compress the spring and wrap you line a few times in the exposed slot.  

    Click the link below for more information on the adjustable stick bobbers.

    If you need to make adjustments for depth, just again compress the spring exposing your line and slide the bobber to your desired depth and release the spring.

More Features

   After I’ve caught all my bait and continue to my big rigs, I use the Betts floated Flo Glo (model #M300 W-GL).  It’s capable of being fished, fixed or slipped.  With the 3 inch size, it will hold large live bait.  A few small features that has made it my favorite is that it has a “hold” on top where you are able to put a small glo-stick, which makes it very UV sensitive.

    Until next week, good luck and tight lines.

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