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Catch of the Day

fish in frypan

Why Not Reward Yourself?

    Who doesn’t like eating the fruits of their bounty.  One huge benefit of fishing is being able to have fun while putting meat on the table or in the freezer.  As always though, be sure to check with your local wildlife agency to ensure it is safe and allowed to keep what you catch.  I know in South Carolina, for example that one type of fish if caught, you are not allowed to keep and you are not to release it.  You are required to contact the South Carolina Wildlife agency right away.  Better to be safe than sorry afterwards.

    As you probably have noticed, I like to find and buy decently priced quality gear and a good fillet knife is no exception and an absolute must.  Over the years I have settled for the box stores average fillet knives as well as other type of knives but was truly unsatisfied with either the flexibility or edge retention.

    Then a bladesmith friend suggested a Morakniv knife.  So I decided to do some research and purchased one to try.  What I received far exceeded my expectations for the money spent.  I was able to practically filet out almost twice the amount of fish than usual before needing to touch up the blade.

    Not only did it stay sharp longer but when skinning the fillet, the flexibility was astonishing!

In my opinion, for the money of this Morakniv knife, the flexibility and sharpness can't be beat.

Fillet It Safely

    Not only do I want you to enjoy what you have caught but I also want to do it safely.  Trust me when I say not wearing cut resistant type gloves when preparing the fish is probably not the best idea. Never be without cut resistant gloves.

Let's Get To Cookin'

    Who doesn’t enjoy eating their catch of the day.  After a long day or night of filling your stringer, there always seems to be a little joy of filleting your fish with the anticipation of getting a full belly soon.

    Uncle Buck’s Fish Batter has become one of my favorites to use.  It’s simple, less messy and very tasty.  Not only do I use it on fish but on just about anything I deep fry.

    To help keep me in the good graces of the girlfriend and to limit the mess in the kitchen, if I’m at home, I coat whatever I’m frying in the batter, dry.  By doing so, it comes out with a nice crunch and flavor worth savoring.

    You’re happy because of all the joys of catching and cooking the fish and she’s happy because she didn’t have to cook and the kitchen stays clean.

Until next time, good luck and tight lines.

    This page contains an affiliate link.  If you purchase a product through the link, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you).  I only ever endorse products that I have used and benefited from personally.  Thank you for your support.

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