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Catching Your Own Bait

A Little Improvising

    As the country and even the world continues to shutdown and governments determine what is essential, it’s getting tough for the outdoorsman.  Sure, everyone will agree that banks, grocery stores and gas stations are essential, but what about the bait shops?  It’s springtime and the water is warming up, meaning crappies are going to be turning on.

    There are plenty of artificial baits on the market to target the slabs, but if you’ve been following me for awhile I’m prone to the use of live bait.  So with marinas and baitshops being closed, the access of minnows are being diminished by the day.  To combat this, that means we just have to get them ourselves.

Trappin' Minnows

    Minnie traps and sienes are excellent to have at your disposal.  All you need to do is find a creek or feeder stream that you have access to and your bait issue is solved.

    To set the trap, I usually find a deep hole in the creek and use a dark colored string or fishing line to tie it off and throw it in and come back the next day.

Minnow Trap

Not Easily Seen

    The reason for the dark colored string is so it is not easily visible by others, therefore less chance of someone going by and reaping your catch or worse yet, stealing your trap.

    As for bait, I like to use dry cut or dog food. It’s simple, easy and I always have it on hand.  Just put a small handful in the trap, tie it off and throw it in.

As always, follow your local laws and regulations when bait collecting.

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