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Components For The Reload

The Caliber You're Shooting

   Now that we have mentioned most of the basic reloading equipment in our last blog, that leaves us with the components.  These consists of the brass bullets, etc..

   Depending on the caliber you’re shooting and reloading, determines who makes what.  Not everyone makes everything for each cartridge.  I really like Starline brass.  It’s very economical and you can get a fair amount of reloads per brass (depending on your load, the hotter the load, the more stress you’re putting the brass).  For years they only made straight walled or straight tapered brass, for instance for the .223 and the .308 families.  The .308 family consists of the .243 Winchester, .260 Remington, 7-08 Remington, obviously the .308, .338 Federal and the .358 Winchester.  Essentially it’s from the same parent case but has either been necked up or down to accept a different diameter of bullet.

   My second choice is Hornady but Winchester and Remington aren’t bad either.

What Are You Hunting?

    The pill or the bullet is very important due to it will be doing the most important job, taking down the game.  Taking into consideration the range you’re willing to discipline yourself to be proficient, that’s where the B.C. (ballistic coefficient) comes into play.  The higher the B.C., the more aerodynamic the bullet.

  Now what type of game are you after?  S.D. (sectional density) is how tough the bullet is.  The lower the S.D. bullets will mushroom out quicker and easier.  It’s great for small game or thin skin game like deer.  The higher S.D., you’ll want for tougher game like elk and bigger.  This helps with penetration and overall performance for the big and biggest game.

Many Bullet Types

    Hollow point, ballistic tip, FMJ (full metal jacket), solid and the list goes on of the many bullet types.  Again match the style of the bullet to what you are shooting.

   Nosler BT and Hornady V-max are great bullets for varmints; Nosler partitions, Hornady Interlock and Sierra Pro Hunters are ideal for big game.

   Just about any of the major bullet manufacturers produce a bullet for what you want or need.  This is why I have a shelf full of reloading manuals.  Whether I’m shooting .257 Nosler BT or a .375 Speer semi-spitzer soft point, I have the manufacturers recommended recipes.  The more books of information the better and a person can’t have too much of this type of information on hand.

Until next time, happy hunting.

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