The Hook and What's On It

    We have touched a little on rods, reels, the type of line and weights and now we come to the end of the line which is the hood and bait.  There are plenty of good styles and brands out there but as before I narrow my “arsenal” to only a few brands and styles.

    For catfish and carp, I’m a big fan with Gamakatsu.  They are stout and strong which is what you are looking for.  That being said, depending on what bait and what you’re  targeting and how finicky the fish are determines the size

    If I’m using corn or red worms for carp or eater catfish, size 1 or 1/0 works well.  It’s small enough for the small bait yet sturdy enough to get a good hook set.  When going after the bigger catfish and using cut bait, medium shrimp and night crawlers, the 5/0 I have found to be ideal.  If using live bluegills for the “big ones”, 7/0 – 8/0 is unmatched.  A large enough gap to hold bait and enough room to not worry about hiding the point or getting hung up on the bait itself.

    FYI – (a personal experience), if using live bait or cut bait like blue gill, sucker, chubs, etc., make sure there are NO scales stuck on the point.  It will ensure that you will lose the fish.

Here's Some Proof That What I Have Been Suggesting and Recommending Works. It is really me.

Two Styles Of Hooks

    The two main styles of the octopus hook is the J and the circle.  Over the  years, setting the hook myself has become second nature.  That’s why I have continued to use the gammy octopus, when the bobber or rod tip goes down – SET!

    The circle hook on the other hand is a different hook to say the least.  They set themselves for the most part.  If you try setting the hook you’ll pull it right out of it’s mouth.  That’s why a rod with a soft tip comes in handy.  Let the fish take it and when you see it doubled over, it should be already set and you start reeling.

    Although many  fishermen like the circle hooks, I have decided that these were not the ones for me because I lost many fish over the years while using them.  I know plenty of catfish fishermen that wouldn’t use anything else.

  If your a fisherman who uses these, please leave a comment below and let me know your experiences with them.  Also if you have any questions, go ahead and ask them in the comment section as well.

   Thanks for reading and have a good day.  Until next week.

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