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Finding The Fishing Gear

The Weather Is Improving

    Finally the rains are beginning to subside here and the weather is changing for the better.  It’s been a long time coming and with some time off from work.  I feel the urge to start digging out the accessories that helps make a night at the lake more enjoyable.

    Last week I spent the time restringing my reels, checking the conditions of my rods making sure everything is satisfactory in hopes of catching, in my opinion, the apex predator.  The Flathead.

    My Ugly Stik Tiger rods are in great condition, the Abu Garcia 7000s are freshly strung with Big Game 30# solar green and still have plenty Spro swivels are in the tackle bag.  Everything is looking great so far.

Organization Is Key

    As I’m digging through my organized mess of my bag, I came across the stash of my Gamakatsu hooks in size 5/0 and 7/0. Sweet!  Found some beads and sinkerslides however my inventory is light.  Phew…as I’m searching I finally found some Team Catfish sinker bumpers.  I prefer these over beads since they’re made out of rubber instead of hard plastic.  I’ll rig a couple of lines with sinker slides and just put No-Roll sinkers on others.  The bumpers offer great knot protection from all that weight sliding up and down the line.

    The overall of terminal tackle is sufficient, just need to make not of the few things that are running low.  Now what about the accessories. 

A Checklist Is Helpful

    Wait a minute.  Where’s my lights?  I don’t have my night vision…ugh.  They should be in my bag.  Oh right, there they are.  I must have used them in the off season and didn’t put them back where they belong.  Found both the regular UV headlamp and the white/blacklight combo for the ball cap bill.

    As of right now, I think I’m ready physically and gear wise for the up coming long nights.  Now it’s a mental game with hopes that everything will come together and success is near.

You can find all the fishing gear mentioned in our Tackle Box located in the column on the left.

Until next time, tight lines.  Stay safe and healthy.

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