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Fishin’ in the Dark

Do the phases of the moon have an effect on fishing?

    Going out fishing at night can be a lot of fun but also has it’s own sets of challenges.  Having your line in the water during a full moon or new moon are times when I would want to catch those types  of fish with teeth, such as musky or walleye.  But in my experience over the years, going out during these phases of the moon has not been successful when wanting to catch catfish.  Now I’m not suggesting you won’t catch anything but if you get a bite or two you’ll probably have to work for those.

    From two or three days after the new moon to two or three days befor the full moon seems to be the ideal phases for me.  This also works in reverse as well when it comes to full moon and new moon phase time.

    When I am planning an up and coming outing, I now check the phases of the moon before putting in for my days of vacation.  Even if there is no scientific proof that there is any relationship between fishing and phases of the moon, I figure why not take advantage of it if there is.


    Obviously needing to see what your doing once your out there is a must.   For me personally, I use a headlamp so I have my hands free almost all of the time while tending to my line, bait or just needing to find my way.  If you decide to use a headlamp, nothing extremely expensive is really necessary however I do recommend it be waterproof and comfortable for you.

    If you don’t like the idea of a headlamps, no problem.  There are some really nice, lightweight lanterns that work just as well.  If your going fishing with others you may want to consider a combination of both.  For instance, on the rare occasion that my girlfriend would tag along, she could take the lantern where she needed it while I was still able to see what I was doing with my headlamp.

   And lastly, you can never go wrong with a flashlight of any kind.

Depends on which way the wind is blowing.

    Another factor that is often overlooked in some cases is the wind.  A lot of fishermen notice whether the water is so calm it looks like glass or so rough there is white caps.  But what about the direction the wind blows?  

    A peron wouldn’t think wind direction could effect fish behavior but from my experiences it has.  Depending on the time of year, a certain type of wind is better than that of another which I’ll cover in more detail in a later blog.

   In the current area that I live now, I have found that the west wind is most common and seems to be the most prevailing.  The winds from the north and south are not too terrible unless they bring with them a type of front that would stall conditions.  I have found that the wind from the east seems to be the worst of all 4 directions.  For whatever reason, when the wind is blowing from the east, nothing seems to be biting regardless of what I do.  This is when the “honey-do” list gets done at the house.

   The weather plays a huge role on how your fishing trip will turn out.  Depending on the conditions, your day may be filled with “I caught one this big” or “nothing was biting today”.  Once you recognize the factors and choose on when and how to approach the water will become much simpler and more predictable as in this case with the moon and wind direction.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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