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Fishing Reels For Flatheads

May Means Spring

    I love when the month of May finally arrives.  The temperatures are going to be on the rise, April showers should be on the decline and at the end of the month, a 3 day weekend awaits.  Not only am I looking forward to a long weekend, at least locally, but the flatheads start to really get going.

    It’s the start of their prespawn and they are gorging themselves, which means it is time to start breaking out the “big guns” to be prepared.  Heavy line, stout rods and big reels can be dusted off in hopes to catch that big trophy and breaking state records that have stood for decades.

Abu Garcia

    Earlier I mentioned about my work horses being the Abu Garcia 7000 C3 and 7000 CS Pro Rocket.  But this year I have added to the line up, the 7000 C reel and the 7000 C Combo.  All three reels have the same basic specs: 4.1:1 gear ratio, which is great because it acts like a winch when battling the big ones.  22″ per turn retrieve rate, 20lbs max drag and holds a lot of line, 230 yards of 25# test.

    The main differences: the C3 and the CS Pro Rocket have the carbon matrix drag system while the C has a multi-disk drag.  It really doesn’t concern me too much just as long as it is dependable and smooth.

    The C Sports have a 2 bearing system while the others have 3.  The more bearings makes a smoother operation but these differences do help with the price point.  More reviews of the Abu Garcia Reels…..

Hard To Tell Them Apart

    While I was putting new line on them, I didn’t notice any difference with the smoothness of the C3s compared to others.  Being the same size and weight (21.5oz) going from one to another it’s hard to tell them apart.  Variety is the spice of life, so having 3 different models that have the same fit and feel is just nice.

   Now granted, I have not been able to test them in a real world scenario but so far with my preliminary hand on experiences, I have full confidence with them.  After all they are made by Abu Garcia.

Until next time, tight lines.  Be safe and healthy.

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