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Fishing Spot Found

Sometimes It's Trial and Error

    This past Saturday we actually had a break in the weather.  I woke up to an east wind but according to the forecast it was going to change to a north wind later in the day.  So I decided to run all my errands and get my yard work completed early and then head to the lake.

    Everything went pretty much as planned except the wind only changed to a ENE direction.  So after a short debate with myself, I packed up my gear and proceeded to one of my favorite fishing spots at the lake.

    Once I arrived, there were so many people. Wow!  I couldn’t even tell if there were any “fishable” pull off spots that weren’t taken.  I suppose with the lockdown still continuing that most people are wanting to get out of the house which is great.  I was glad to see so many people getting back to nature. 

Wanted To Keep Distance For Another Reason

    I had to continue my search for another fishing spot.  Since the water temperature was still in the 50s, I usually try to go to the backwaters or a shallow part of the lake since that area should be the warmest.  I had to drive to the other end of the lake and cross my fingers in hopes that a spot might be open.  Luckily, I found one that I liked.  A small bay on the opposite side of the road connected to the lake via a culvert pipe.  Not ideal but I’ll make do.

    The spot was in the corner of the bay with rip raps on one side and trees on the other.  That was the only place I saw where there was activity.

Fenwick Rod and Pflueger Reel

A Few Catches

    I took out my Fenwick rod with a Pflueger spinning reel to try and catch some baitfish.  After a few casts and adjusting the bobber for depth, I finally had a hit.  A nice 4″ blue gill was at the end of the rod.  Perfect to use alive or as cutbait.  Within a half hour I was able to put about a half dozen smaller bluegills, a perch and a common shiner in my bucket.  A review of the Fenwick Rod…..

    I tried catching at the rocks alone and a few down trees but nothing.  They must have wanted the combination of the two.

    I broke out some of the cat rods and began rigging a bluegill and then the shiner alive.  After many attempts and a few hours later, nothing.  So I packed up and headed for home.

    Even though the catfish didn’t cooperate that particular day, I still consider it a success.  Whether or not the cats make their way into that bay, only time will tell.  But what I do know is that I found a hell of a spot to get bait.

Until next time, tight lines.

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