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How To Deal With Boredom

When You Have No Cell Service

    Anyone that has spent time at the lake or in the outdoors knows that occasionally it can get a little boring at times.  If you decide to play on your phone, you may miss a good hit or there just isn’t any service.  So you sit there as the clock ticks by.

     During the day isn’t so bad because there are birds and other critters to watch but at night you’re staring into the darkness.  Although I usually use those times to get away from the normal grind and to help maintain some of my sanity, occasionally it’s nice to have some company.

Went Off The Grid

    A few years ago, I challenged myself to “offgrid” living.  So I built a shed in the back of a hay field to take a step back and hopefully get a new general outlook on life.  I lived almost a year without electricity and phone service.  It started to get to me without some type of entertainment and/or noise besides the sound of the wood stove that I used to heat, cook and warm bath water.  That’s when I looked into purchasing a transistor radio.  A blessing in disguise.

    I ended up going with the Sony ICF-F10 model.  The reception is phenomenal!  It gets channels that I wasn’t aware were out there.  Even though it’s only an AM/FM radio, it continues to keep me connected and entertained.  

Still Listening

    Even though today I’ve moved from the hay field shack and into a modern day house, it’s still my go to radio.  It seems like its always on whenever I’m home, working in the yard or from time to time at the lake.  Being powered by 2 “D” cell batteries, it’s ideal for my lifestyle.  The batteries for a very long time.  I only have to change them out about every year.

    I know there are lots of other radios out there but I can’t say enough about the Sony ICF-F10.  Between the clarity, longevity and portability, it’s definitely something to consider.  With uncertain weather and with the type of storms we’ve been having recently with the power going out, I can always stay connected.  Read more about the Sony ICF-F10.

Until next time.  Stay safe.

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