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Keep An Eye Out For Ticks

Sometimes We Forget

  Most of the time as I write these articles, I talk about equipment, tips and give reviews.  However, this week I would like to touch on what to watch out for while enjoying the outdoors.  With all that is going on in the world right now it’s nice to get outside and enjoy the weather and turn off the media. And I encourage you to continue to do so.  At the end of the article I will have a link so that you can find more information as well.

   The outdoors is a sanctuary for many of us.  A place of Zen, the place to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle.  Unfortunately there are some unforeseen type of dangers.

    Around here there are no worries of a bear attack nor do I have to worry about wolves or anything of the like.  The danger doesn’t always have to have big teeth.

    Last week we had a nice day with the temperatures in the 50s and I wanted to try to get ahead of some yard work.  Everything went well, was able to get a huge portion of a downed pine tree cleaned up and burned many of the vines that were invading the back side of the yard.  At the time I thought everything was fine.

Wasn't The First One

    It wasn’t until I was getting ready for work the next day when I found the potential problem.  It was a tick.  Over the years I’ve had many on me, whether just crawling or numerous ones attached to me.  I never gave it much thought until this one.

   This little bugger was something else.  It was small, about half the size of what I usually deal with but wow was it latched on to me.  After removing it from my leg, I would normally just have went on with life and forgot about it.  This time there was a type of sore left.  Now I became concerned.  I treated it like any other wound but the redness would not subside.  Now the fear of Lyme Disease crept into my mind.  After a week of no signs of healing, I went to see my doctor.  Luckily, he gave me a clean bill of health but prescribed a medicine just in case.

A Reality Check for Me

Be Sure to Seek Medical Advice

    This was an eye opener for me.  People normally think “It won’t happen to me” but the threat is real.  After doing some research on Lyme, it’s nothing to dismiss.  I’m still going to be out there enjoying the outdoors but now I will be paying a little more attention to the small stuff.  I hope you will too.

Until next time.

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