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Keeping Your Fishing Rods Ready

Memories and Stories

    As I was stripping my line and doing my visual pre-season maintenance on my reels, I was looking at the cosmetics and overall condition of my equipment and I noticed how some of them fared better the years more than some.

    I love scratches and dings on some things because “scars tell a story”.  But overall they are not good for the reel.  Whether it’s just loss of paint due to riding in the back of the truck or falling or getting dragged across the ground.

    I have my “beaters” and then I have my favorites which are in much better condition.  One big difference is the fact that I use reel covers on my better reels.

Be Sure To Cover Them Up

    Reel covers are just a neoprene cover that you wrap around the reel.  They not only help the usual scuffs from moving and traveling but also act as dust cover and a coat to protect the reel from the environment when not in use.

    Another accessory that helps a lot is a rod sleeve.  A simple mesh “sock” that you slide over your fishing rod.

    These are great to help from keeping your rods from getting tangled.  Rods that become tangled can be a nightmare.  You grab your rods from the corner and throw them in the back of the truck and somehow the lines  will magically weave themselves together.  Then when you get to your destination, you have to do the wonderful “dance” to get them free and separated.  Not to mention put you in a not so good mood for the rest of the day.  The sock and/or cover helps eliminate this problem and also provides protection from scuffs.

Prepare Now and Save Time Later

    The better you prepare in the off season, the more enjoyable it is when the time comes to go out not only to catch fish but to create even more memories.

    Until next time, here’s to future tight lines.

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