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Nature Can Still Provide

Wild Edible Field Guide

    In the past “preppers” have been laughed at and have been made fun of.  However in these turbulent times, isn’t it better to have and not need than to need and not have?  One thing that is to stock up on is knowledge.

    Right now some of you may be out looking for shad and/or getting ready for mushroom hunting but there is so much more to look for in the woods, like wild edibles.

Weeds vs. Wild Edibles

    Nature will always provide for us if we know what we are looking for.  A good field guide is invaluable for this reason.  With many plants that are just considered weeds can actually be made into a salad, spices, etc..  Of course a person has to be careful and make sure they know what they are picking as to not get anything that’s poisonous.  What’s edible where you live may differ from another area.  Be sure to check your areas guidelines!

My Go To Guide

    Although there are many guides out there and it’s impossible to read them all, the one that opened my eyes up to hunting wild edibles is “Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants” by Bradford Angier.  He breaks it down so it is simple and easy to understand.  In addition, tells you how to prepare your plants for consumption.

Until next time, happy hunting.

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