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No Need For Cold Feet

The Right Foootwear For The Weather

    A very important part of gear are boots.  Keeping your feet dry and warm can be the difference from either a good day or a bad day when in the woods or by the lake.

    As with just about everything else, I have tried various types and brands of footwear.  It goes without saying that it depends on the weather conditions of where you live and what time of year that determines the clothing you choose to wear and boots are no exception.

    Although for work I prefer the lace up leather boots and a few that are just for hunting, my first choice I opt for are my Mucks.

What's Your Style?

    Muck has a wide array of styles for different climates.  But since I don’t prefer to have boots I wear only a few weeks out of the year, my “go to” boot is the  Muck wetlands.  They are cool enough to walk all day squirrel hunting without making my feet too hot and during deer season when the colder temperatures hit, I usually just wear a pair or two of wool socks.  This ensures my feet stay toasty while either in the stand or on the ground on the move.

    On the more extreme side of things, Muck makes an arctic style boot.  I personally have never tried a pair but have heard others say “they are hot”.  I guess if you live where it consistently gets down to single digits or below, these may be your best option.  They have styles and sizes for the whole family as well.

Like Wearing A Pleasant Pair of Shoes

    The reason I suggest Mucks are not only for their protection from the environment but for their very comfortable fit.  They are almost like wearing a pair of shoes.  The insoles will make them capable of being worn all day without feeling like you have been standing on concrete.

    Hope this helps you out if you are in the market for a pair of new boots.

    As always feel free to ask a question or leave a comment.

Until next time.  Take care.

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