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Rain, Rain And More Rain

A Wet Spring

    This is one of the most horrible springs that I can remember in recent history.  Rain along with flooding and maybe a day or two of sunshine the back to rain and high winds.  Just can’t win this year.  One thing is true, even thought rain is still consistently in the forecast, it is getting warmer.

    For years now, I’ve always kept a poncho in my tackle bag for “just in case”.  However, currently it’s because of the wet weather it has become the norm and I needed to go a step further.  This is where a rain suit comes into play.

Rain Gear

    Whether or not you just want to keep one in your truck just in case or not, it’s  worth the investment.  I’ve found in the past with deer hunting, that a jacket and pant set can keep in the woods hours longer than the regular poncho and this is the same for when I’m at the lake.

    Frogg Toggs makes an affordable solution for these type of situations.  I get a size or two larger so there’s no issues with layering or when a sudden shower appears.  I just slip them over whatever I’m wearing and stay dry.  So no matter what mother nature does, I’m ready to stay in the outdoors.

     This is important due to the fact that it seems like, at least with catfishing, the bite really picks up right before or after a storm.  So being properly prepared is vital to success.

Waders In Storage For Now

    Right now I’m keeping my waders stored away since the creeks are too high and muddy to even attempt gigging suckers but at least I’m able to sit on the creek banks to try and catch those wonderful bony fish for the freezer or for bait.

Until next time, stay safe and healthy.

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