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Reel In That Fish

Spring Is Approaching Quickly

    Spring is practically here and hopefully everyone is finding the time to be able to get their gear ready and put lines in the water.

    This time of year some fish will slam your bait while others are more subtle.  So if you’re like me that uses rod holders instead of holding the rods by hand, this type of action will either be exciting, frustrating or both.  Usually overall it will make for a great fishing story.

The Diawa Regal

    To combat this behavior I use the Diawa Regal Bite and Run.  It’s a spinning reel that has the feature that is equivalent to the baitcasters baitclicker.  However with these you’r able to adjust the tension depending of the current or the type of bait you’re using.  The dual drag is pretty sweet.  You set the front drag for fighting fish.  The rear drag tension can be adjusted for how easy the line comes off when a fish takes your bait or to hold your bait in place if you’re using live bait such as a chub or bluegill.

    I’ve had it where I’ve cast out and engaged the clutch, placed it in the rod holder to deal with my other rod and suddenly BAM! The rod doubled over and the line was extremely tight.  Without this feature I’d probably would have lost that fish.  Now on the other hand, there have been a few times I was using cut bait and everything was calm and appeared to be no action.  But then I heard the front click…and again click….click, click, click.  I started watching more closely.  Over the next minute of two, the line slowly was moving out about a foot.  When the next series of clicks occurred, I disengaged the clutch and set the hook.  Turns out there was a 7# channel cat that was just lying there with my bait in its mouth.

Currently On Sale

Well Worth The Money

    I know without a doubt that I would have lost both of those fish if it weren’t for the bait runner feature.  

    For a reel that costs under $50, you’re getting a lot of reel for the money.  They have held up for my first flathead that weighed in at 33#.  I have no fear of this Diawa Regal reel failing.

Until next time, tight lines.

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