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Painting compliments of Emma Therese (10 years old)
The following was written by Eva Nicole (12 years old)

I close my eyes and the world falls away. 

I’m in own world now. 

Where I am in control.

I’m now in a forest. 

Where the trees wave to say “Hello”,

And the spring breeze whispers his greetings. 

The stars blink, surprised to see me

But I don’t mind. 

The galaxy smiles,

Welcoming my longing for freedom.

I turn to my right,

And walk through the trees

To find myself looking at a field

Where golden grass dwells

And a cliff that sits at the end of the field. 

I breathe it in and smile,

Hope and determination on fire. 

And suddenly I’m running,



Running so fast that all of the things

That once held me back

Can’t keep up anymore. 




It feels like

I’m running on air now. 

Every step lighter,

Every step faster,

Every step more freedom.  

And still I’m running 



I’ve reached a cliff

Where a path awaits for me

And I sprint up it

Till I can’t go any further 

As I catch my breath

I turn around to see

The stars blinking in their places 

Right where they’re supposed to be. 

“Stay where you are,” I tell them.

Sometimes you are the only thing in my life 

That I can count on to be there,

To never change

I turn back around to see

That I have indeed found

What I was looking for. 

I sit with my legs

Dangling over the cliff

And take it into memory. 

The sea embraces land

In powerful unity,

And the sea stretches over the horizon,

 Disappearing into tomorrow and

I watch as the sky turns colors,

Purple, Navy Blue, Pastel Green,

Pastel Blue, Orange and … 

wait for it… 


Here she comes,

Giver of life and light herself,

The sun peeks over the horizon in bursts of yellow-gold

Over the kingdom we both love and share. 

I wait for her to come up

And we talk a silent talk

That only I can understand. 

“I’ll be back tonight,” I tell her.

I’m back to reality, 

Or am I not? 

But I hear the all-too-familiar sound

Of my friends shouting. 

Here, I am

Against a tree 

At the back corner of the playground. 

“That was better than TV,” I whisper,

And the school bell rings. 

Smirk on my face,

I’m running



Running towards my future

In mystery’s territory. 

And I love it.