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Safe Hunting

Risks and Dangers

    As with most anything in life there are risks but some aren’t quite apparent.  Most dangers can be eliminated by taking precautions and thinking ahead.

    It’s easy to forget and skip certain actions when a person is in the heat of the moment.  Practice and discipline are important factors of daily life and not only in the field.

    Whether you’re out there alone or in a group, things like clothing and communication can help avoid a tragedy.  Always know your local laws and regulations before heading out.


The Color of the Hunter

    Hunter orange vest, hat, etc. is a very simple way that will help not only you to stay safe but anyone else that might be around that you are not aware.  If you are in a group, knowing where everyone is avoids a situation where you may be tempted to shoot in the direction of others.

    If radios are permitted in your area, not only are they great in case of an emergency but also to keep in contact with your party if you would need assistance or make them aware if you move from your original position.

How Far Will It Go?

    When it’s time to pull the trigger, there are many factors to think about before hand.  Not only identifying your target but also what is beyond it.

    Most people don’t realize how far a bullet will travel after being shot.  So if you are unsure what is beyond the intended target, it’s a good practice not to shoot.  For example, a 22LR can go a mile and a half.  So if your shooting a larger caliber and the animal is on top of the ridge and you’re at the bottom shooting upward; how far do you think you bullet will travel?  It’s the small things like that most people may overlook or never really take into consideration.  Knowing your surrounding will help prevent a bad situation.

    Until next week, stay safe.

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