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The Bait Clicker

A Bait Clicker and It's Purpose

   Numerous times throughout this blog, you have heard me mention the bait clicker.  If you are unfamiliar with it or unaware of it’s purpose, let me explain.

    It is a function on some reel models that I always use and definitely look for when I’m buying a new reel.  If you are casting and cranking for instance throwing lures, it is not really relevant.  However if you are using live bait or tight lining on the bottom and not using a float, it is a very nice to this capability.

"Old School" Bait Clicker By Zebco

When Is It On or Off?

    You want to make sure it is off when your casting because leaving it on will limit your casting distance and adding extra wear to your real.  So once you cast and reel in the slack of the line, go ahead and turn it on.  Once the clicker is engaged, push the button or flip the lever as if you were going to make a cast but do not crank the handle.

    This will stop your spool from free spinning but will let the line out if something takes your bait.  Once set, you are free to do what you want or need.  And be able to do so without fear of a fish taking your bait and dragging your rod into the water.  I know from personal experience that this does happen and before I started using bait clickers had this happen a few times.

    It is a scary feeling when tending to your fire or just turning your back for a second and looking over your shoulder to see your gear heading straight towards the lake.

Learned My Lesson

    It didn’t take me long to learn my lesson.  After the second time that occurred, I knew I needed to re-evaluate my gear.  Now there is no fear or concern about losing my gear while being occupied or distracted.  Of course there is always the lingering fear of losing the fish.

  Have a question?  Leave it in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you.

As always, good luck and tight lines.

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