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The Live Bait Box

Vintage Live Bait Box
Present Day Live Bait Box

Always Want To Be Ready

    Right now at this time of year, it’s basically about preparation for the upcoming season.  I can’t stop thinking about better ways of keeping bait.

    Over the years I have used anything from clay culvert pipes to water troughs to old freezers.  My favorite by far was the freezer.  It’s insulated and is big enough to hold plenty water for a lot of bait fish.

    During the summer months is when it really becomes beneficial.  The insulation and lid help keeps the water cool and your live bait, whether it’s minnows, chubs or bluegills, around an extended period of time.  That was the issue I had when I tried using a plastic barrel.  The water became too hot which promoted algae growth and the fish died within a day or two.

An Old Freezer Will Work

    A freezer has the thicker walls and a lid to help prevent the fish from jumping out.  Once I had all the holes filled with silicone and it held water without leaks, I was able to constantly have plenty of live bait on hand throughout the season.  Then when the heat of the summer would arrive and the water temperature started to rise, I just put in some ice to cool it back down.

    Have the container to hold the bait is very important but air is the next thing to manage.  The Bubble Box aerator pump is the most cost efficient and basically the best pump I have found for the money.  It only takes 2 D cell batteries and they last for days on constant running.  Also the compact size comes in handy because you can just store it  in your tackle bag and your off.

The Bubble Box

    The Bubble Box is great if you don’t have electric to the tank or for your minnie bucket.  But if you do have power available at the holding tank it’s really easy to set up a powerhead pump.

    With the powerhead and some tubing, you’ll be able to set up your bait tank to where live bait won’t become an issue for those spur of the moment trips.

Unit next time, many tight lines.

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