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The Weather Plays A Role

Didn't Go As Planned

    In our last blog, I had talked about setting minnie traps and collecting your own minnows.  Since then, at least in our region, we’ve been hit pretty hard by thunderstorms and flooding.  So I thought I’d give a few tips on how to avoid and/or take advantage of catching bait when the weather doesn’t cooperate. 

    If you’ve decided to go out on this type of adventure, it’s a good idea to check the weather to help avoid some headaches along the way.  Years ago, when the weather forecast wasn’t at your fingertips, I was planning ahead for a day at the lake and went to my favorite hole at the creek to set my trap.  Everything was going as planned until later that night we were hit hard by a thunderstorm.  The creek flooded and my trap was gone and no minnows.  Fortunately, that night had brought up plenty of nightcrawlers that I ended up using as bait instead.

Don't Forget About It

    Now another time I had a trap out but my work schedule didn’t allow me to return right away to check it.  I completely forgot about having it set and a few days had past until I remembered it.  However, there was a pleasant surprise awaiting in it when I finally pulled it in.  In it were no minnows and only a few remnants of a couple of chubs but instead there were a dozen or so crawdads.  So luckily I ended up having bait.

    If you like to use crawdads, they have specific traps for them as well.  A minnow trap can work in a pinch too.  Instead of sacrificing your minnies, just bait with some type of meat.  Such as hot dogs, old raw meat from the freezer, a ground hog you had shot or roadkill works great.  Most minnow traps have only a 1 inch opening so the bigger crawdads can’t make their way into it.  So an actual crawdad trap is actually the best way to collect them.

Think Outside The Box

     Being prepared and having the right equipment is great but sometimes when things don’t go as planned, you find out a few little tricks that can help you down the road by thinking outside the box.

Until next time.

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