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Tie It Up Right

The Right Knot Could Be The Difference

    Over time I have narrowed down the type of knots I use is 4.  A knot could be the difference between catching “the one” or having to say a phrase like “the one that got away”.  

   As a side note, not all reels are braid ready.  If your reel is not and you decide to spool braid, you will need a backer.  This just consists of a length of mono.  Secure your mono backer to your reel with an arbor knot and spool about 10 to 20 feet.  Tie the braid of choice to the mono using the double uni or the uni knot.  This will prevent your braid from just spinning on your spool instead fo gripping.

Definitely a lesson learned by personal experience.

The Uni Knot

    The Uni Knot is very strong and suitable for all lines.  This is a knot I use often, reliable, simple and strong.

The Arbor Knot

    The Arbor Knot is a good and easy knot when stringing your reel.  It has never failed me yet.

Improved Clinch Knot

    The improved clinch knot is a decent, easy knot to learn and tie.  I have continued to use this knot since I was very young and it has served me very well not matter if it was the creeks or the lakes.  The main use for this not is when I’m going bait fishing or crappies.  If I ever have trouble tying any of these knots, you can’t go wrong when you have a multi-tool on your side or in your tackle box.

The Palomar Knot

    The Palomar knot is another strong and simple knot that is suitable for all lines.  A common use may be for a catfish rigging at the swivel point, the other two knots on the rigging I use a uni knot.

    Although I have not used one personally, I’m interested on how a fish knot tying tool works and how well it works.  If you have used one, please leave a comment on which one you have used and how well you liked it.

   Hope these are helpful to you for enjoying the outdoors.  Have a good day.

    This page contains an affiliate link.  If you purchase a product through the link, I will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you).  I only ever endorse products that I have used and benefited from personally.  Thank you for your support.


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