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Tips For The Off Season

What To Accomplish Next

    A new year always brings new beginnings.  I always use this time to reflect on the previous season as to what I have accomplished and what I want to accomplish for the new upcoming year.

    With most of the hunting seasons coming to an end, and the weather really not permitting too much fishing, cabin fever sets in quickly.

Time For Some Maintenance and Cleaning

    It’s time to break out your reels and do the needed maintenance the has possibly been neglected from last season.  Strip off the old line and inspect it thoroughly.  With the old line off, take this time to oil your reels and clean out the dirt and grime that has collected over time from some of those not so perfect days and/or nights.

    There are many fine oils on the market and some companies offer maintenance kits with a wrench and oil.  That’s one of the perks of Abu Garcia bait casters.  They usually come with a small bottle of oil which you can have as a nice supply if you decide not to throw it out.

Why Take The Risk

     So begin stripping off the line from your reels.  If it’s mono, then it is a good practice to do this every year, even if you haven’t used all that much.  Just the normal sunlight can deteriorate the line because of the UV rays.

  Why take the risk of losing a potential trophy fish due to trying to save time and some money?  Since I know the fishing is very limited right now, I’ll only re-spool one or two reels at a time.  With the water being cold and the fish sluggish, I’ll wait cleaning my big rigs and just redo my bait rigs that wear 10# tests.  That is usually more than sufficient for most of what I catch locally.

    A few years ago I was lucky enough to catch a couple of 10lbs plus carp this early in the year.  This was great because all I had to do was throw them in the freezer and used them as cut bait for when the weather and water became warmer.

    Hang in there.  It’s a tough time of year but before you know it, the water will be above 50 degrees and most species will be “waking up” to become active.

Until next time keep looking to the upcoming season.

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