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Weigh them down

Too Heavy or Too Light

    Sinkers (weights) play a huge part of your success in fishing and should never be left out of your tackle.  Too light and your bait doesn’t do what you want it to do.  On the other hand, too heavy of a sinker, you won’t have the sensitivity that you need.  Size and style can make a trip good or not so good.

    There are many numerous styles that are available and you may want to experiment with different ones that work for you.  However for this particular blog, I’ll just discuss with what works for me.


    A staple sinker, every tackle box should have.  They come in various sizes but only a couple of variations.  The weight either looks like a Pac-Man figure or a Pac-Man with ears.  The sinker with “the ears” are removable and easier to adjust if needed.  This type is my first choice every time.

An Assortment of Both Egg and Split Shot Sinkers

Egg Shaped Sinkers

    By far a favorite of mine for a long time.  Sliding this on your line before tying your hook and you got yourself a very simple and effective catfish rig.  The fish are able to run more without really feeling the extra weight.  I usually use a half ounce to one ounce barrels for the lake fishing I do.  But when fishing rivers you may want to consider another choice.

Sinker Slides Are A Must

    Sinker slides are a wonderful accessory to own.  A simplistic plastic tube with an eye a type snap.  Rig it like an egg sinker, but remember to place a bead or something similar after it to protect your knot.  Using these will enable you to put your desired weight on the line and as always you could go with none at all.

Sinker Sliders

    The disc sinker as the name implies, is a disc like sinker with a brass eye.  These are great because they lie flat and most water current will not cause them to roll like egg sinkers.  I use up to 3 ounces mainly when using live bait for instance with bluegill or larger creek chubs.

    Hope this information helps you catch more fish and have more fun as well.

    Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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