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Why Not Use Sabots?

Really Can't Go Wrong With Sabot Bullets

    Sabots lets you use a smaller diameter bullet in a larger bore.  For example, my bore is a 50 caliber and with the proper sabot, I shoot a .451 – .452 bullet.  Harvester crushed rib sabots have treated me very well over the years.

    The great thing about buying sabots in bulk is that it allows you to use different bullets and loads.  Now there are packs you can get that has around 15 +/- sabots and bullets together.  If a person doesn’t shoot much, it’s great because of the convenience.  But if you plan on shooting a lot or want to experiment, then getting the components separate is the way to go.  Plus it’s easier on the wallet.

The Right Bullet For The Right Game

    Instead of relying on the companies to tell you what they suggest, you’re able to completely customize the load.  Just remember if you go this way, make sure you are using appropriate bullets for intended game and velocity you will be shooting.  Lighter bullets are faster and have flatter trajectory but you will be sacrificing penetration.  Heavier bullets are great for penetration and energy but more of an arc trajectory.

    For deer size game most bullet weight between 240 to 300 grains will be sufficient.  Whether you are using .429-.430″ bullets or .451- .452″ bullets, the possibilities are practically endless, since these are just 44 caliber and 45 caliber pistol bullets.

Until next time, happy hunting.

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